How I pick my getaways

2014-02-24 09.24.03

When it comes to traveling we tend to look for a time when we can get away from a difficult situation or just to breathe different air.

It is not always about that.

I always focus on the right people and the right place.

YES! I need to enjoy and make sure that where I’m going whether it’s a beach or a mountain hide, I am with the right people. Going alone may be an option but if your plan is to find good memories and distraction, going with a close friend is the best option.

2014-02-24 09.25.43

Find a peaceful place, somewhere new, somewhere you haven’t been to, somewhere nobody knows you. Pretty much like starting fresh but knowing that you’ll come back with a renewed mind.

Take with you everything you need. Maps, books, snacks, and everything you want to get rid of, downs, frustrations, fears, bad memories, insecurities.

Make the best out of it, leave it all there, cleanse yourself. Make sure you don’t come back the same.


My personal kind of getaway is finding a spot that I will always go back to, no matter the time or people or what I’m going through. It’s always a place I’m going to pick again and again and again and again.

So here’s a few things I always take with me when I’m going on the trip alone or with friends:


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  1. A survival kit: first aid kit and carrying a few snacks is always the best option to start a good trip and to feel secure about surviving one. Never take for granted that there’s going to be emergencies so always take with you pills, mosquito repelent, a sleeping bag, some extra clothes, a blanket or something that you know it’s going to help you with your basic needs. 
  2. An emergency card with all the necessary information about the place where you’re going to stay.
  3. Kindle fire: I know at some point,and I speak for myself, I might want to read something and taking books could be a little uncomfortable because if you want to take two or three is going to occupy some space in your luggage or in your carry-on so I prefer to take an electronic device with all my books so I can read them whenever I want. Of course take some extra batteries with you (I mean a charger or something)
  4. A little tip I always give is that if you’re playing your getaway try to get read of any kind of electronic device double keep you distracted enjoying your tree pool or nature the beach or whatever you’re going. I know it’s important to have some communication but never allow technology to take away that peaceful getaway you want to get. I promise to all of you readers I will make a post about technology detoxing. Soon enough hopefully.

In future posts I will be giving you a little of an update of all the trips I’m doing. I already did a couple and I will post them soon. 

Hope you have a wonderful day it’s always nice to write for you again.


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